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AWS Consulting

OlilO has expertise in AWS Consulting and Services. OlilO cloud consultants are trained with enterprise level solutions in cloud platform and expertise in cloud migration, cloud configuration, server less computing, hybrid cloud maintenance, setting up an infrastructure, monolithic architecture to AWS cloud based micro services architecture, cloud optimization.


Server less commuting

  • Olilo sets up serverless environments with Lambda computing for worry-free code execution

  • Lambda responds to events like HTTP requests, S3 changes, and database updates

  • It meets SOC, HIPAA, PCI, and ISO compliance standards


High Performance Computing


  • Olilo excels in High-Performance Computing (HPC) for finance and manufacturing

  • They optimize computing resources for cost savings, including spot, on-demand, and reserved instances

  • Clients can focus on applications and research, not infrastructure, while meeting HIPAA, FISMA, FedRAMP, and PCI compliance


AWS Internet of Things


  • Olilo specializes in AWS IoT Core with Kibana integration

  • They assist users in building, deploying, and running applications and services

  • Their IoT platform seamlessly integrates with AWS services like Lambda, Kinesis, S3, Machine Learning, DynamoDB, CloudWatch, and Elasticsearch


SrinSoft utilizes AWS Grid computing for financial institutions, enhancing speed, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

Their cloud consultants expertly manage financial data, from collection to machine learning, ensuring optimal performance and cost savings.



  • SrinSoft aids insurance companies in enhancing productivity, security, and efficiency

  • They achieve this through technology infrastructure re-architecture, automated compliance, and streamlining insurance lifecycle stages



  • SrinSoft optimizes financial operations by migrating to the cloud and implementing microservices

  • This boosts agility, accelerates time to market, and allows banks to prioritize customer service over infrastructure management


Health Care providers

  • SrinSoft assists healthcare organizations in addressing tech upgrades, regulations, and security

  • They deploy cloud-based monitoring for efficiency and federal compliance

  • SrinSoft's DevOps engineers optimize data storage with high-security, availability, and business efficiency

Contact Us

Olilo Technologies

2810, Burlington Tower,

Business Bay Dubai - UAE

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