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Test automation is crucial for businesses to reduce quality evaluation costs and enhance software quality. Poor-quality software can impact budgets, returns, and reputation. Agile organizations rely on test automation for efficiency.


Olilo Technologies experts help identify automation opportunities, design strategies, choose methodologies, implement tools, and provide training for a successful automation strategy.

Why Test Automation?

  • Manual testing takes too long


  • Improves test coverage 

  • Manual processes are Eerror prone

  • Automated tests give feedback, early, and often

  • Automation frees people to do their best work

  • ROI and payback

How do we perform Automation Testing?


  • Select right tool for automation

  • Scripts execution

  • Write test scripts

  • Generating customized result report

  • Develop test suites

  • Identify potential problems

Test Automation


  • Designing Frame Work

  • Test Automation Experts

  • Coe – Test Automation

  • Cross Browser & Devices Testing

  • Standards & Design Patterns

  • Mobile Apps Test Automation

What you get?


  • Repeatable Accuracy

  • Simultaneous Execution

  • Incredible Capability

  • Extended Coverage

  • Saving Of Time

  • No Human Factor

Important Guideline for Test Automation:


  • Prioritize script reuse over reinvention.

  • Screen recording is not a lasting solution.

  • Manage expectations with vital management support.

  • A well-planned pilot project builds a strong automation foundation.

  • Seek quick wins through incremental steps.

  • Keep stakeholders engaged with regular automation reports.

Automation Testing Approach:

  • Defining Automation Strategy

  • Tools & Framework Selection

  • Specialized automation experts

  • Defining automation best practices

  • Test execution

  • Scalability and Maintainability

  • Maintenance & Support

Why Olilo Technologies?:

  • 11+ years in Software QA business

  • Over 250 devices in our mobile bank

  • More than 150 completed mobile projects

  • Complete coverage of software testing services

  • Proprietary mobile testing excellence center

  • 100+ Test engineers specializing in mobile testing

Automation Testing Framework Features:

  • Easy deployment across diverse customer environments.

  • Configurable test environment settings.

  • Integration with test harness tools or standalone operation.

  • Independent result reporting.

  • APIs for database connectivity.

  • Script source management.

  • Adaptable for various automation frameworks.

  • Streamlined customized reporting.

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