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Internet Of Things (IoT) Testing Services..

Internet of Things (IoT) Testing  is a rapidly growing sector due to the expanding IoT industry.

It involves unique challenges, including interconnected devices and evolving technology.

Quality assurance planning and strategy are vital for ensuring the reliability of IoT applications in a world where IoT is changing our daily routines.

           A radical testing strategy is needed to enfold the vertical extent and span of IoT testing.

           Olilo strategy incorporates various types of testing, setting up test lab, tools and simulators that should be deployed.

            Performance, Security and Scalability are the main key elements that require to be guaranteed while evaluating IoT apps.


E2E IoT Testing

  • Performance testing

  • Edge testing

  • End user application testing

  • Conformance testing with Standards

  • Network Capability and Device Level Testing

  • Interoperability testing

  • Security and privacy testing

IoT Testing Approach


  • Examination

  • Configuration

  • Operation

  • Implementation

IoT Testing


  • Defining test strategy

  • Validating user experience across multiple channels

  • Connectivity and interoperability validation

  • Using real devices and simulators for performance and scalability validation

  • Cloud security and device validation

  • End-to-end automation

Why OlilO?


  • Early automation ensures faster time-to-market

  • Complete QA Support

  • Process transparency

  • Consistent user experience

  • Validating interoperability of popular devices and protocols

  • Reduced cost of ownership

  • 12+ Years in Software QA business


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