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  • Web application testing is a core service at Olilo.

  • Olilo conducts comprehensive web testing, evaluating all aspects of web technology, including:

    • Front-end and back-end of sites

    • Web applications

    • Client-server systems

    • eCommerce platforms

    • Cloud technology

    • APIs, and more.

  • Website quality is crucial for user satisfaction and conversion.

  • Olilo offers extensive functionality testing to ensure each website element functions correctly.

  • This testing identifies issues that can hinder user journeys, like purchasing products.

  • Functionality testing enhances website quality by uncovering unnoticed problems.


Web Application Testing Services...

Simple Web Applications

Web Services & Portals:



Simple web services

Distributed Systems & Cloud Solutions

Better coverage

Innovative Products

SaaS Solutions

Search Engines

Web Apps with rich functionality

Web Portals & Social Networks

Data Streaming Solutions

Online auctions & Marketplaces


Trading & Brokerage Software

Five business setback areas:

Privacy & Accuracy

Payment processing solutions

Data Security

Network Security


Disaster recovery

Multiple browser compatibility

Live upgrades

Compliance with Standards



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Olilo Technologies

2810, Burlington Tower,

Business Bay Dubai - UAE

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